Dr. Lynn Klassen, ND



Meet Dr. Klassen:

I first sought out Naturopathic Medicine for myself because I suffered with chronic, persistent migraines since the age of 10. I was frustrated and fed up until I began seeing a Naturopathic Doctor. In 6 months we had achieved what was not possible in the 10 years prior – a 75% reduction in frequency and severity. I was hooked.

My goal as a doctor is to help my patients navigate the healthcare system and to work together to create a comprehensive care plan across providers. I realize that health isn't just about the removal of symptoms, but requires a deeper investigation into the cause of the symptoms. I came to Naturopathic Medicine from a counselling background and am known for being a compassionate listener.

I have a special interest in the treatment of chronic infections, especially:

– Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses
– Epstein Barr virus
– Cytomegalovirus
– Chronic Fatigue

I’m an ILADS member and I make a point of attending their annual conference each year. The most recent conference in Philadelphia included instruction on emerging testing concepts and a special focus on symptom relief for sleep disturbances, pain and inflammation.

In addition to chronic disease, I’ve always had a passion for women’s health and helping women optimize their hormone levels throughout all phases of life. I have a special interest in:
– Menopause, hot flashes
– Fertility, pre/post natal care
– IVF support
– PCOS (weight loss, acne, fertility, hirsutism, hair loss)
– Herbal medicine for hormone balancing (extra training with
Aviva Romm, MD)

Other conditions that I have a special interest
in treating include:

– Headaches (including migraine headaches)
– Digestive complaints
– Food allergies
– Skin concerns (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis)
– Anxiety and depression
– Sleep
– Arthritis, joint pain

I look forward to meeting you in my practice.

Dr Klassen is licensed through the College of Naturopathic
Physicians of BC (CNPBC).

Board Certifications:

– Acupuncture
– Advanced Injection Therapies (Prolotherapy)
– IV Therapy
– Ozone Therapy
– Prescriptive Authority

Professional Affiliations


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