Sleep is the foundation of health

Our approach is different, we combine lab testing, traditional therapies and evidence based natural remedies to achieve real results for our patients


Meet The Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jacalyn Sieben, ND


Dr. Sieben obtained her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in Marketing. There, she gained an appreciation for what drives human behaviour. Furthering her education and changing her focus to health care, she graduated with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from BINM. Her focus is on how sleep habits, diet and stress levels can impact our mental health.  Read Dr. Sieben’s full bio.


An appointment that can make a real difference.

What you’re getting from your doctor isn’t nearly enough — short visits, generic advice, unresolved symptoms and excessive prescriptions.

Sleep issues are often complex and rarely have only one cause. Dr. Sieben will take the time to do a full review of your current health status and will formulate a personalized, evidence-based plan to address the root causes of your poor sleep.

It’s a worthwhile investment of time into your health.


Our Approach

There are many potential factors affecting your quality and quantity of sleep. These can be environmental, lifestyle, medication/supplement-induced, genetic, physiologic, or mental/emotional. While we may use short-term sleep remedies to get you sleeping sooner, our approach is more than just a quick fix. It often takes a combination of therapies over the course of several months to truly address the root cause of your insomnia, and retrain your body to sleep for a full night. We will work with you every step of the way towards a new, rested you.

A sleep assessment is the first step to locate the root causes behind your insomnia so that we can take appropriate action and find the right sleep support for your individual needs.

A naturopathic sleep assessment will include:

  • A comprehensive health history to uncover the factors contributing to your lack of sleep;

  • Non-invasive physical examination; and

  • Diagnostic testing such as serology, hormone testing or sleep study (as indicated)

The assessment and lab results will be used to formulate a personalized sleep treatment plan which will be reviewed during your second visit. Your treatment plan will include a combination of the following:

    • Lifestyle and nutrition counselling

    • Nutrient supplementation - (orally, via intramuscular injections, or with IV therapy )

    • Botanical medicine

    • Acupuncture

    • Appropriate referrals or pharmaceutical prescriptions when indicated

Following your initial plan we will set up a series of check-in visits to support you on your journey to a full night’s sleep.


Our Clinic

Tandem Clinic

Tandem. Together.

Our goal at Tandem is to work together to create comprehensive care plans across providers, all under one roof. All of our practitioners are approachable and welcoming. We provide a gentle, calm environment where people can feel safe to talk about their health. Know that you will be heard and be given an evidence based opinion on what to do next - not be sold unnecessary services.

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