Pregnancy / Postpartum Support

Pregnancy / Postpartum Support

Pregnancy is a time when cultivating and supporting good health and preventing illness is likely to resonate the most. With both you and your baby in mind, our approach at Tandem Clinic is to optimize health through the different stages of pregnancy and work to assist in preventing common pregnancy ailments such as nausea and fatigue.

Supporting the dietary needs of you and your baby through your pregnancy is also central to our approach. We can advise on all aspects of a health in pregnancy including increased nutritional needs, supplementation, appropriate weight gain, exercise and exposure to environmental factors. We can also provide support in avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other substances that can be harmful to baby.

Last but not least...

The post-natal period can be a particularly vulnerable time in which the mother is often overlooked. In many cultures, the post natal period is considered an important window during which the mother needs support and rest so that she might regain her strength – very much at odds with the modern western expectations of “returning to normal” within a few weeks.

We can nurture and support mom in the days and weeks following birth. We will provide realistic diet and lifestyle guidance, as well as support with breastfeeding.

Our Pregnancy and Postpartum Program includes:

  • 60 minute intake appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors which will includes:
    • Comprehensive medical history, fertility history and pregnancy history intake
    • Pregnancy focused physical exam
    • Nutritional plan and recommendation of safe pregnancy-specific nutritional supplementation
    • Safe and natural health solutions for preventing and addressing common pregnancy ailments such as nausea, muscle cramping or heartburn
  • 2 x 15 minute second and third trimester check-ups to discuss:
    • Labour preparation and cervical ripening with acupuncture and pregnancy-safe herbs
    • Natural induction (acupuncture and herbs) if required
    • Review of natural labour pain management options
  • 30 minute postpartum check in:
    • Follow up on labour
    • Provide support for lactation
    • Offer continued lifestyle and nutritional support

Acupuncture for pregnancy and postpartum:

Acupuncture can play a very useful role throughout each stage of pregnancy and into your postpartum time. During the first trimester it may support pregnancy following assisted or natural conception, calm the mind and alleviate nausea. In the second trimester it may continue to support you through minor pregnancy ailments and optimize the growth and development of your baby.

Towards the end of pregnancy, many women benefit from pre-birth acupuncture to prepare for childbirth and build energy reserves for the post-natal period. Support your pregnancy and postpartum program by adding a six-week acupuncture series (treatments will be spaced apart as determined by your naturopathic physician).

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